Why us?


    Since Sungura Safaris' inception, we have specialized in All of East Africa and not just one country. Our journeys have taken guests from Tanzania to Kenya, Rwanda to Uganda and many places between.


    Sungura Safaris was founded in 2009. We are a private family run Tanzania corporation, with consistent ownership since inception. We have dealt in creating trips to all of East Africa and not one specific destination. We are not directed by the ownership. This is an advantage not a disadvantage as we are free to recommend the best hotels, destinations and camps for your trip.


    Specializing in one country does not make for the best safari company. Unlike other areas of the world, you must be in the right place at the right time. The African continent is unique in this respect as it is so much is about the wildlife seasonal movement. In order to really understand what areas would be best for the traveler, the Africa specialist must understand why you recommend one country over another.


    Africa is a diverse continent, and we will help you discover it. Sungura Safaris can provide the widest range of activities, accommodation styles and locations. There are wildlife safaris of every nature from the most bespoke luxury journey to a great value safari. For the adventurer to the active traveler arrangements can be made for climbing Kilimanjaro, tracking the gorillas or searching for the chimps in mystical Mahale. Our Africa specialists will listen to you and make suggestions that you possibly never thought of.


    Sungura Safaris' trips are well thought out. They go beyond what you will find in many Africa safari company itineraries. They may read quite similar, even look like they visit the same places, but they can be very different. We strive to not just send you to Africa but give you a life enriching safari. Our trips are created to ebb and flow with excitement hopefully unfolding like a great play and building up to a crescendo. There must be a variety of experiences and activities and even a variety of types of accommodations. This is all part of creating a great Safari.


    Logistics and pacing of a trip are key in making a trip comfortable and successful. Each trip is thought out and 'we take the trip with you' not just booking places but thinking about how each day will unfold. We will fly to areas that are remote. On driving safaris, the condition of the roads must be considered. We have the experience to plan just such a trip. Our on-the-ground partners follow our lead and we carefully coordinate the plan so that your safari can run seamlessly. This is a testament to our level of knowledge of not only the details of specific countries, but also the ways that a traveler can best see the continent's riches.


    Where you stay is very much part of what makes Africa special. From tree hotels to sleep out hideaways and luxury Africa chic cottages are all part of the Africa experience. Some of the best-known Africa travel companies operate good trips but do have their downfalls. Because they cater to groups, large hotels must be utilized. Meals are generally served buffet style with long lines and when you go out on safari there can be twenty vehicles lining up to pick up the guests. Intimate dining, visits to small authentic villages, stories around a roaring campfire, sundowners with just a few guests, that is what part of what makes up a Sungura Safaris


    Once your trip is confirmed, you can be assured that you will be going to Africa. We do not cancel our journeys due to low enrollment.


    Quality can be the best lodge, the best guide and the best locations. But true quality no matter the standard is about the experience. Do not feel you need to go to every national park. The goal is to see the best wildlife. If no gain in scenery, culture or species stay a few days in the very best areas. We feel you will enjoy much more than constantly being in transit.


    Due to our many years being in the forefront of Africa travel we have excellent rates with major transport and accommodation suppliers. These rates are the same base as the large corporate travel companies. Our relationships with Africa suppliers allow us to pass on excellent rates to our guests.


    Full service with flight management services is included. We are your partner for your trip to Africa. We can assist in all planning from your international departure flights, stopovers in Europe, Dubai or elsewhere. The only service we cannot assist with is securing your points or rewards, but we will assist you coordinating them to be sure you book the right flights.