Luxury Solo Travel

Forge your own path on a solo adventure to Africa

With more and more people seeking freedom, flexibility and independence while traveling, going solo is a trend that is increasingly on the rise, and understandably so. The benefits are undeniable. And for most, a solo adventure is a life-changing experience. Solo travel not only allows you to immerse yourself into your chosen destination without any distractions, it also enables you discover new cultures and understand the world, and yourself, better. It is an enlightening and rewarding way to experience Africa, affording you the time and space to reflect and take risks in a remote destination, creating memories to enrich and inspire you, and you alone.

Despite all the benefits, the idea of solo travel in Africa, can be a daunting endeavour for many to consider. The idea of exploring such a remote part of the world alone is intimidating and challenging, which is why booking through a trusted travel partner is so important. Our team is made up of intrepid explorers and Africa travel experts, committed to creating stress-free, bespoke solo travel experiences tailored to suit your individual needs. We not only provide you with access to some of the most incredible far-out destinations on the continent that have been hand-picked by our team, we also offer 24-hour, round-the-clock support, and make your safety and security our number one priority. From the moment you step off the plane, to the moment you head back home, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

Whether you want to explore the dense rainforest slopes and misty cliffs of Rwanda, for a magical encounter with the indigenous mountain gorillas, or Serengeti safari, Sungura Safaris will ensure that every little detail is taken care of, making your journey as seamless as possible, so that you can have the ‘me time’ you deserve – in absolute style. Lose yourself to find yourself on a solo adventure with us that will change your life forever.

Solo Travel FAQs

Who travels solo?

In the past, the idea of solo travel might have conjured up images of wild, spirited explorers, and the bravest among us. This is no longer the case. Though all solo travelers (men and women) generally have a good amount of self-confidence, they can range from those at the very end of the introvert sociability spectrum (drawn to this type of travel to be self-sufficient and spend time alone) to those considered to be adventurous extroverts, making friends wherever they go. And everything in between.

Is it safe traveling solo in Africa?

There are no risks specific to solo travel in Africa, especially with pre-planned itineraries booked through an operator, but travelers should always adhere to the usual common-sense precautions such as not walking alone at night in cities, and avoiding deserted areas. Booking through a travel company will also make you less vulnerable to scam artists, and will inform you ahead of time of potential health risks, like malaria, and how to avoid them.

What is a single supplement?

Rooms are generally priced on a charge that is automatically divided between two people. A single supplement is an additional charge to the solo traveler to make up the full cost of the room. This, as well as the fact that most activities and transfers are usually charged as a minimum of two people can make traveling alone more expensive.

How do I avoid single supplements?

Sungura Safaris’ team of experts know which properties do not charge single supplements, as well as which seasons are best to travel to avoid the additional costs involved when traveling solo. We are also able to assist with booking light aircraft charters and other transfers with no single supplement.

Why should I use a travel company when booking my solo trip?

Sungura Safaris are experts in Africa, and will know which lodges and camps, as well as which seasons will work best for your solo trip in your chosen destination. We can do all the groundwork for you, booking all your transfers, accommodation, and activities, and ensuring that there is someone to tend to your needs at each stop. We are also available 24hrs a day, so you can rest assured you have support throughout the duration of your trip should you need it.