The success of your trip will ultimately be in the hands of our selected professional guides. His knowledge of the destination will be essential. We highly recommend private guides whenever feasible.
Private safari guides are affordable and highly recommended.
While on safari the Sungura Safaris guides are more than just a guiding service. They are seasoned professionals who are not just versed in the wildlife, but are game trackers and problem solvers. They also check you into your hotels, handle your luggage and assist with any of your needs. A great deal of care goes into matching guides with the people that they will be leading. They are assigned to match your special interests, family, and personalities.

Each guide has been trained in the areas that will make your trip successful. Subjects range from wildlife conservation, culture, vehicle maintenance, hotel relations and first aid.

They must keep to the Sungura Safaris high standards of service. Guides may accompany you for your full journey throughout your trip or you might have several guides if you fly into a destination or travel to several countries. Many of our guides have guided Sungura Safaris travelers for over 10 years. Their confidence, guidance, humor and knowledge ensure that your safari will be a step above the rest.

Special Guides:
A specialist guide is just that – he or she specializes in a particular area or country. Many of the specialist guides have high degrees in biology or zoology and highly recommended to those travelers who want to learn a bit more about the wildlife. They are mature individualist who have advanced guiding skills. Our specialist guides are especially good for their interaction with VIP travelers and mature guests who expect the ultimate travel experience and demand the highest standard of professionalism.

It is possible to have a private guide accompany you on any type of safari for any length of time. They will offer their charm and spend quality time on what interests you, expanding your intimate knowledge of Africa. A specialist guide will coordinate your trip, assist in all aspects of the operations of your stay. We work with a group of highly experienced guides that operate throughout Africa. A private specialist guide can enhance your experience in Africa. Their services are not necessarily prohibitively expensive. It will depend on his experience and the type of safari you select.